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Q: Does Taylor Outdoors take children on fishing trips?
A:  Yes. We love taking children out fishing! Instruction is provided for those who have never
fished before. We prefer that all children be accompanied by at least one adult.

Q: Why is there a maximum of 6 people for all trips?
A: The United States Coast Guard license only allows 6 people. We can however team up with
other guides to accommodate larger just give us a call!

Q: Are there life preservers on the boat for everyone?
A: We supply life preservers for all of our guests (adults and children) on the boat except for
infants. If you have an infant please make sure that the life preserver you bring with you is
USCG approved (it will say so on the tag).

Q: Where does the boat launch from?
A: Most of our trips launch from our family marina, Riverwinds Landing, however we are more than happy to pick you up at another landing that better suits you. If you live on the lake, we will even pick you up on your own dock!

Q: Can I bring my own cooler, snacks, and drinks?
A: Yes you can bring aboard a cooler and any snacks and drinks you want. We always have a cooler with ice on board that you are more than welcome to use. Snacks, drinks, lunch/dinner can be provided as well at an additional cost. Let us know before booking if you would like to add refreshments to your trip!

Q: What is the boat like?
A: We guide out of our 22 foot center console Tidewater boat. It is light blue with "Taylor
Outdoors" written down the side. You can't miss us!

Q: How long is a half day trip and how long is a full day trip?
A: A half day trip is 4 hours and a full day trip is 8 hours.

Q: What time will my trip leave?
A: If you book a half day trip, your trip will leave around 7am or 3pm, depending on if you book
a morning or afternoon trip. Fishing is always better early in the morning, so we like to leave as
early as possible!

Q: Can I bring my own fishing equipment?
A: Yes you are more than welcome to bring your own fishing gear. Captain Brad does provide
all equipment and bait at all times. If you bring your own, Taylor Outdoors is not responsible
for any lost or broken items.

Q: How do I pay for my trip?
A: We accept credit, cash or check for all trips.  A $100 deposit is required for all trips. If using
a credit card, we must add 2.75% to the price of your trip.

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